Primal Nudgings
Marlyn Farrell

About Marlyn

A little about me

What I enjoy most, is working with people and watching them gain new insights into themselves and their lives. Creativity is a pivotal part of my programs; this does not mean being an artist, it means getting in touch with that part of you that likes to play and create. It is a part of everyone.

After surgery for cancer in 1976, I experienced inner promptings to take a closer look at myself and how I was living my life. What a gift that was; as well as being the beginning of a rich journey of self discovery. This process was accelerated six years later, following the death of my Mother.

One of my ventures in self-discovery was signing up for a program at the Haven on Gabriola Island. It was impactful - and I kept returning until I earned my Diploma in Counseling DipC - and, later, trained with Maria Gomori in Satir work. I have gone on to lead my own programs and assist with Haven Core programs.

The most recent learning adventures I’ve had include graduating in Creative Journal Expressive Arts, CJEA  ( and also as a Visioning® Coach. I'm excited about how I am able to bring this new learning into my current programs offered at Haven on Gabriola Island and Royal Roads University in Victoria BC.

My journey has been - and still is - an amazing one, full of learning. Along the way, I've  worked with people on career change and personal exploration, trained lay counsellors and employment readiness trainers. I've designed and run programs for at-risk youth, work that I enjoyed and at times found heartbreaking. Working with people with mental illness in my Heart and Soul program was another rich experience.

 I live on Gabriola Island with my husband Lou, surrounded by trees, birds, squirrels, and our two wonderful dogs, Dempsey and Eartha.

And now a little help from my friends ...

As a lifelong personal growth pioneer Marlyn views life as a grand adventure and seizes every opportunity to participate. Her loving, compassion and humour are key elements she brings to everything she does. As a facilitator she holds a vision for each of us that may well be more than we had ever dreamed of for ourselves. With the benefit of her own inner work and a finely honed intuition; workshops with Marlyn offer unbridled opportunities for one's own growth and change.
Wendy Schulz

Marlyn’s warm personality, her engaging sense of humour, and her natural ability to connect with others are the foundation of her workshops. In a safe and lovingly supportive environment, Marlyn listens carefully, speaks frankly, and gently challenges participants to see and know themselves in new ways. Her skill and love of creativity as a tool for self-knowledge shine through all she does.
Jan Pullinger