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Inner Wisdom for Women
Arouse Your Feminine Creativity

Inner Wisdom for Women (formerly Primal Nudgings) is a 4-day retreat for cultivating women's intuition and learning from the wisdom of your inner being.

Gently. If you want a self-help boot camp, this isn't it. The Inner Wisdom for Women retreat uses music, visual arts, movement, guided meditation, laughter and story to help women build (and rebuild) relationship with their inner "wisdom".

You will have an opportunity to:

explore, share, and admire the little things that make you who you are
The first night you will bring 9 objects that are important to you and have emotional value - things that remind you of the woman you are, the woman you want to be or women in your life that you respect, things that represent female/feminine to you. This is a beautiful way of getting to know each other and facilitates a gentle process of self-discovery.

access truths you know, but don't always know how to find
The next 3 days are filled with mask making, dance, writing and more. The activities shine a light on the inner you; allowing you time to see, admire, ask questions and process the answers with creative and cognitive awareness.

see yourself reflected in the strength of the circle
Days are spent sharing insights, and cultivating a safe and accepting environment where we can all learn and grow. By practicing listening, awareness and compassion with others, we are better able to leave the retreat practicing those qualities with ourselves.

Note: Taking time to process is critical, and is built into the sessions. Outside of the sessions, you have the opportunity to take meals with the group or on your own. And there is a 2 hour mid day break on the 2nd and 3rd days of the program, which you can use to be by yourself, take a nap, do some body work, or talk to someone that you've connected with. A lot is done together in a short amount of time, but you are completely in control of your experience. The retreat is designed to honour your needs, and you are encouraged to do the same. With this in mind, group size is limited to nine.

Who comes to this retreat?

Women who want to:

  • move through a transition
  • trust themselves to create new possibilities
  • reconnect with a lost part of themselves
  • build confidence in their ability to care for themselves and witness/support others
  • practice present moment awareness
  • cultivate intuition, wisdom and faith
  • and women who just want to deeply enjoy themselves and the women around them.

When you cultivate and give voice to your essential being, your "Inner Wisdom," you build your capacity to visualize and realize the creative possibilities for your life. Your health, your relationships, your contribution and connection to the wider world, all depend on your conscious cultivation. Your intuition, embodied wisdom and self-faith are no different.

But what happens after the retreat?

“From the distance of time, so many things fall into place and I look back on that weekend as a beginning. In an atmosphere of caring and love, I realized: who I am, my dreams, what I want for my future and built an awareness of patterns from my past. Since then there have been many positive changes. Every week I discover something, and trace the thread back to that weekend.” ~Alison (written one year after taking the Inner Wisdom for Women retreat.)

The Inner Wisdom for Women retreat is just your first nudge, a gentle guided tour to the front door of your inner being. After the retreat, it will be up to you to remember the path and continue down the road; nudging yourself as you go.

You will leave having learned multiple access routes, and the objects that you bring and create, will serve as visual reminders of your path. You will also leave having built a relationship with your personal life guide - you. You will have built trust, and possibly even admiration.

The reality is:
It might not be love at first sight for you, but once you've met or reconnected with your Inner Wisdom, get to know, and experience the boundless love available for you, I think you'll find a wonderful woman who you won't ever want to live without.

Read about one participant’s Inner Wisdom for Women experience in an article she wrote in the Eagle Eye Magazine

When: The next retreat begins the evening of July 26th, 2018 and runs until late afternoon on the July 29th, 2018.

Where: The Haven Resort, Gabriola Island, BC Canada
You can contact The Haven for assistance booking your travel and accommodation, though you are not required to stay at the resort to participate in the retreat. Click here for more information on the island, places to go and sights to see.

Cost:$600.00 (Accommodation and meals extra.)
For a package price inclusive of accommodation and meals at the Haven please contact The Haven.

For more information on retreat facilitator Marlyn Farrel click here.

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I take myself by the hand more often now. ~Margot