Primal Nudgings

Marlyn Farrell


This was the first time I have taken a workshop such as this and I don't think that I could have made a better choice. Primal Whisperings was life changing while at the same time, fun, funny, creative, empowering and enriching. I came away with life lessons that will not be forgotten or left behind in that space that was filled with love, laughter and even tears. I felt very safe and nurtured and yet I was gently challenged to find out who I really am and how that little nagger keeps trying to hold me back. Thanks are a unique, inspiring and warmly human .. being.
     ~ Jean

One of the two best weekends of my life; the other was when I got married.
     ~ Nicole

It is hard to express my gratitude for your safe, loving and gentle guidance as I journeyed to new places in my spirit. Very moving.
     ~ Paula

A turning point in my journey of healing and self discovery. For the first time in my life, I know who I am, I know my personal boundaries better and I feel wholeness.
     ~ Kimberly

I'm more in touch with who I used to be and I like that very much.
     ~ Susan

I feel full with the gentility, nurturing and access to creativity and as refreshed as a weekend at a spa only with a connection to "spirit".
     ~ Anne

I take myself by the hand more often.
     ~ Margot

A sensitive awakening after all these years.
     ~ Joan

From the distance of months that have passed, so many things fall into place and I look back on that weekend as a beginning. In an atmosphere of caring and love, I realized who I am, my dreams, what I want for my future and awareness of patterns from the past. There have been many positive changes and every week I discover something new and trace the thread back to that weekend. (written one year following her experience)
     ~ Alison